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TEL AVIV, Israel-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Neurolief’s Relivion electronic therapeutics wearable neuromodulation technology has been featured today during a keynote tackle by Prof. Alan M. Rapoport at the 4 th Annual Worldwide Headache Symposium in Israel (IHSI).

Articles: 2-D and 3-D views from the brain from cadaver sections, MRI scans, and computer reconstructions. Writer: John W. Sundsten Institution: Electronic Anatomist Project, Dept. Biological Construction, University of Washington, Seattle. Make use of digital advertising to get your brand as well as your message directly in front of the people that are most likely to become your customers.

The Allen Brain Explorer (beta) is an application that allows users to look for multimodal datasets in an annotated THREE DIMENSIONAL spatial framework. It is created from the 3D volumetric reference atlas, annotated symmetrically using image data averaged from 1, 675 adult computer mouse brain specimens.The Palo Alto, California-based business is developing objective brain procedures of brain function based on styles of interaction with a smartphone. We have been a digital brain biomarker company which is really a measurement to cognitive functionality and mood.  more inform